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Dental Care

It is common knowledge today — dental disease in companion animals is a major source of more serious health problems in pets, such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. Neglected teeth and gums in pets stems from an antiquated belief that animal teeth are “self-cleaning” due to their diet and some mystery of nature. This just isn’t so!

Today's pets receive a processed diet much like humans, and their ability to "brush" their teeth and gums through chewing is quite limited. The sad fact is many pets died young from illnesses we now know are directly connected to poor oral health. Your pet can live a longer, healthier life with the simple addition of dental cleanings and home care to the veterinary wellness regime.

The AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for pets offer this three-point plan: regular oral exams, veterinary dental cleanings, and a home dental care regime. The oral exam is an integral part of every companion animal's wellness program at Pontchartrain Animal Hospital, performed by a professional trained in oral care and diagnostics.

Our veterinarians look into the mouth for broken or decayed teeth and indicators of gum or mouth disease. With a regular oral wellness exam, any possible problems will be identified early and treated aggressively with the least invasive and most effective techniques available.

The veterinary dental cleaning is performed under anesthesia by a veterinarian for your pet’s comfort and safety and to enhance the efficiency of the procedure. Every animal receives blood work in advance of anesthesia to ensure general health and identify any potential problems. Your pet is monitored continuously throughout the cleaning procedure, as well as during the post-surgical recovery period until awake and fully alert.

Your home dental hygiene regime can be a simple one. Our staff is happy to instruct you in initiating and maintaining a home dental care program for your pet.

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