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Medical Services

Pontchartrain Animal Hospital is a full-service pet hospital offering complete medical care for dogs and cats. Our hospital has been extensively remodeled since Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed the clinic in 2005.

Today, our state-of-the-art facility has the most modern equipment available in veterinary medicine. Pontchartrain Animal Hospital has a full in-clinic lab that can get your pet's blood work results in minutes, allowing our veterinarians to diagnose your pet's condition quickly to begin treatment.

Our clinic also has digital radiography, which is an advanced X-Ray system which allows our doctors to adjust the X-Ray image if necessary and minimize your pet's exposure to the X-Ray. Finally, our surgical suite is a modern and sterile environment including the safest anesthesia and surgery monitoring equipment possible for your pet!

All of our doctors at Pontchartrain Animal Hospital attend lectures and continuing education workshops to insure they are always aware of the latest innovations for your pet! Staying current with rapidly-advancing veterinary medicine means our doctors are prepared to take the best possible care of your small family member.

Our Clinic

4041 Pontchartrain Dr,
Slidell, Louisiana 70458
Office Phone: 985-643-9672
After Hours Phone: 985-626-4862

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